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Reinventing the Toy Building Brick Play Experience.
We use computer vision, AI, and robotics to turn used toy bricks into an affordable, sustainable, and enjoyable adventure for Brick Fans everywhere.
Brick in.

We all love playing with bricks.

Also, studies show that brick play has a range of mental, social, and developmental benefits for kids.

Yet, did you know:

  • A whopping 1,2 trillion plastic bricks have been produced to date.
  • Annually, shoppers spend over $13 billion on plastic building brick.
  • Over 100+ billion new plastic bricks hits the market every year.

Why buy more when so much is available?

Here’s what happens:
  1. Brick models often break while playing.
  2. We swipe the loose bricks in a box already full of mixed bricks from before.
  3. To rebuild the old models, we need to sort out the needed bricks.
  4. But sorting by hand is too much work for most of us.
  5. So, we keep buying new sets over and over.
Imagine a fun, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution where:
Kids enjoy endless and hassle-free play with brick models
Parents get to save money

Reusing plastic toy bricks means less waste

At BR1CK, we will

Breathe life into billions of idle toy building bricks by utilizing AI-powered brick-sorting technology to help reuse bricks in an amusing, affordable, and sustainable way.

Using BR1CK means having unlimited fun with your bricks without breaking the bank or harming the environment

Here’s how it works:
Joining BR1CK isn’t merely about reusing bricks.

You'll be part of a community united by creativity, love for the planet, and endless fun.

Our journey has only just begun.

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